Great Animations Used in Non-Profit Campaigns

About a week ago I wrote something about jokes used to verbalize harsh truth. Well, this post goes somehow in that area as well. Depending on the visuals we use we can transmit a message that is easier to assimilate. And brands learned this thing the moment the introduced animations in their marketing campaigns. Watching…

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Viral Video of the Day: Google X Lab, the Animated Version

The Google X facility – Google’s secret research lab where highly innovative technologies are being developed, as the New York Times reports, has been brilliantly imagined in an animated version by Situated in an undisclosed location, hidden in the Bay Area, with its very existence under the sign of heavy speculations, the facility secretly…

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The Nyan Cat Phenomenon

If you usually spend time on not so serious sites on the Internet, you definitely should’ve stumbled on Nyan Cat by now. Some say it’s mindblowing and they can’t explain why, some feel it’s like medicine for a bad day and there are even contests on how much of it you can take. Either way,…

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Four Social Networks and Four Songs to Represent Them

Photo source: here. You probably all know by now the hundredth of Hitler parody videos out there, all adding funny subtitles to a (now) worldwide known scene from the 2004 movie ‘Der Untergang‘, making fun of everything, from events to the Harry Potter movies. Well, apparently it’s also fashionable to sing or, in some circumstances,…

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Hilarious Babies Gone Viral on Youtube

Babies, babies, babies. They can either be really annoying or they can make you laugh so hard, like you’ve never laughed before. When I hear a baby laugh I can’t possibly keep a straight face because their laughter is absolutely contagious. Their moves are also extremely funny because they have no idea what they’re doing….

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