Instagram Inspiration. 10 Artists You Need to Follow

I simply love Instagram. No fluff, no unneeded information. You can build your stream to match your style and taste. Don’t feel obliged to follow your friends and acquaintances, find people who inspire you and create a visual stream that will energies you. ┬áHere are some accounts I’ve discovered and really like. They are all…

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Inspirational Quotes from Famous Artists

One might think that a person who’s skilled in handling the brushes, or working with chisels won’t know how to inspire through words. This is far from true. Every human being who’s driven by passion will inspire in every single way. I browsed a lot the words of famous artists and it’s almost impossible to…

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Humans in Dust and Confetti Galaxies

Ignacio Torres is a visual artist with a BFA in photography at the University of North Texas who is currently living and working in New York City. His most recent work, “Stellar”, has a creative approach on man’s relationship with the cosmos, illustrated in simple animated gifs. This project began from the theory that humans…

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