How Travel Improves Your Life At Home Life

Have you ever taken a trip to faraway places? You almost seem to drop the person you are at home. You have a new vintage point of the world and who you are within it. The things you love to do at home can be done all over the world. For example, a yoga teacher…

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Worst Seats On Stadiums Around the World

Going to see a game. Sometimes it might get costly, but most of the time it’s worth it, if you’re actually a fan of sports. The problem, though, is that even some of the best stadiums have bad seats. So what would you say if a friend of yours invited you to a game and…

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5 Natural Wonders You Have To See

As you all know, there are many beautiful places to visit in this wide world. Some are famous for their history, some for the beautiful architecture that was preserved in time but I believe that the most captivating are the so called “natural wonders”. Up to this moment there are 7 official natural wonders and…

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