What to Do on Your Laptop When Traveling

Traveling can be a very time-consuming activity. Although it is often necessary and there is nothing anyone can do about the time it takes, there are things you can do to improve your traveling. You don’t have to waste the minutes glaring out the window and getting lost in daydreams. There are both productive and…

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Inspiring Quotes on #WorldBookDay

Exactly 400 years ago, two of the most appreciated writers of all times have died. In 1616, Cervantes and Shakespeare have left the humankind to grieve. To honor their memory, 23rd of April has become the World Book Day. Literature is a treasure of the soul. It is said that books make you richer and…

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Artist Interview: Darby Guise, Between Drawing and Writing

As I’ve said before, I really do think that discovering your passion is a matter of luck. And transforming that passion into a career, that takes talent and perseverance. We cannot leave everything to luck and just hope for the best. But what if you have several passions? Do people actually get that lucky!? The…

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