Project Highlight: Beyond Abstraction

Imagination is only one of the constant amazement when it comes to art. Talented people from all around the world get inspired by their surroundings and create mind-bending masterpieces. It’s impossible to get to know them all but it gives us great pleasure to discover some of them. Garrett Plummer is one of the artist…

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Dotillism, Transforming Dots Into Beautiful Art

Have you ever heard of Dotillism? Neither did I! And that’s because it’s a new form of art, a concept established by Elspeth McLean, an Australian artist who believes she can bring joy to people’s life through vibrant colors and dots. The term Dotillism she used to describe her art was created because she could…

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The Abstract Street Art of KEF! [Interview]

Based in Aachen, Germany, KEF! is a young artist who uses the walls of different European capitals to expose his abstracts looking characters, Kef and Kefline. Expressive and playful, these seem to appear inconspicuously with their curios looks and cheer up the most unexpected urban places. Asked what his characters represent and what inspired him…

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