Mole Empire has been around for more than two years now. We have come across all sorts of art, from underground to mainstream and discovered that the term “art” can exist in many forms. We tried and hope we succeeded to become a platform on which unconventional art and talented artists come together to inspire you and feed the art lover in you. In this time we came in contact with some wonderful artists whose stories we exposed in our interview series. Our platform keeps growing thanks to these artists who agreed to share some words about what the collaboration with Mole Empire has meant to them, either from the perspective of the interviewed artist or just the simple reader. Some of them agreed to create a piece of artwork especially for Mole Empire, which we titled Mole Empire as imagined by others. A big thank you to all of those who contributed to this page and helped Mole Empire to become a bit better every day.

Markus Reugels

Mole Empire is a great source of inspiration. On the site there is some great inspiring category for every taste. As for me, I prefer the Inspiring, Art and Photography categories. There are some breathtaking examples of creativity inside. Here I can find some great inspiration to influence my photography.

Markus Reugels is a photographer based in Germany, who is specialized in water drop photography. He creates interesting shapes and impressive explosions of color with water and his camera. He is also a fan of macro photography. Below you can admire how he pictured Mole Empire in a water drop.


Selim, French Producer

5 o’clock in the morning in the summer last year, that’s exactly the time when I discovered Mole Empire as I was randomly browsing the internet after finishing a long studio session. Since then I can’t spend a week without having a look at news articles in different genres as I am passionate about art, culture, music, cinema, fashion, trends and anything from underground to mainstream. Mole Empire was just what I needed as they’re always one step forward on discovering hidden talents and putting forward cross culture.

Selim is the former producer of the Austerlitz rock band.

Carla Dias

I discovered Mole Empire from a person who is very dear to me. He knew that my curiosity will be satisfied! Indeed The Mole Empire is a real discovery! For me this is the cave of wonders,  I’ve read a multitude of articles rewarding, varied and sometimes surprising in all fields. Art and fashion are my favorite! Today The Mole is part of my daily life, and I do not spend a week without browsing and chasing new articles on it. So far i have followed The Mole and it made me travel, discover, learn and laugh…

Carla Dias is a make up artist based in Paris and London. Occasionally she is contributing as an author with articles on beauty tips for Mole Empire. Check out how she’s got “Mole Empire under her skin“, with a super scary special effects make-up that she dedicated to us:


Giada Laiso

I thought about how Mole Empire can help artists to discover new fresh styles, and I’ve concluded that to be inspired it’s the most important thing to grow up artistically. I tried to express this concept through my photography style. So “The key of creativity…” “…is an hurricane of inspiration”: Mole Empire gives us the possibility to express our art to the public and at the same time the blog is able to increase the inspiration of artists who read interviews and observe other published works. So for an artists Mole Empire can be part of the key and part of the hurricane.

Giada Laiso is a young photography student based in Italy, with an inclination for surrealist photography. The following images represent her version of Mole Empire inspired by others, a vision in which “The key to creativity…is a hurricane of inspiration”.



As up and coming artists a platform like Molempire is a tremendously important window to the world. Being featured artists on the website was great and we felt like we were in very good company. We also want to commend Molempire for showing a wide range of art that you would not necessarily come across anywhere else.

A BIG thank you from

PutPut is a Danish/Swiss art duo, who finds itself at the intersection of photography, art, styling and design. They are “a cross breed or possibly even the bastard child of all these genres and influences”, experimenting with common objects in unusual scenarios in their projects.

Greg Holland

I’m always looking at art online; seeing what’s out there, and finding inspiration. When I first discovered Mole Empire, I couldn’t look at enough art fast enough. There were so many cool things, and artists I’d yet to hear of! Then I read the little About Mole Empire section at the bottom of the page, and thought, “Wait a second, maybe my work’s good enough to publish here too.” Shortly thereafter, I’m a featured artist. Besides sharing it with my family and friends, I’m hoping to use the article as part of my introduction to galleries I’d like to exhibit in. Thanks Mole Empire for giving me a boost of confidence, taking an interest in my work, and helping me to get my art career off to a great start!

Transforming images into paintings, Greg Holland is a self taught photographer who explores the relationship between people and the environment in his art. Our interview with him is available here.

Jeremiah Kipp

As a filmmaker, I am continually on the search for fresh, exciting, sometimes transgressive images to inspire me. That’s how I found Mole Empire. What I’ve found is an ever-shifting kaleidoscope of art, fashion and culture ranging from the humorous to the horrific.  Beautiful and strange, immediately captivating and easy to navigate, Mole Empire is a haven for the artistic mind.

Jeremiah Kipp is an independent filmmaker, passionate about horror movies. Check out our interview with him here.  

Terry Border

Mole Empire is unusual because they actually asked interesting questions. A class act too!

Terry Border is the photographer behind the hilarious Bent Objects series; miniature sculptures made from every day items revived through amusing scenes.

KEF! Art

Molempire is a very interesting and different website. They created a professional article about me. I like the clear structure and that they support underground stuff. Read, learn and enjoy!

KEF! is a street artist painting the walls of different European capitals with his cool abstract art.

Brent Huff – Director

Mole Empire is a haven for artists who don’t fit into a cookie-cutter mold. Mole Empire showcases artists who don’t always paint inside the lines. For me, this is very exciting and encouraging. As a filmmaker, I love art, fashion and style. Style is how you see the world
and how the world sees you. Mole Empire is not only a platform for our art to be shared but a site to see other artist’s work that inspires us. Thank you for what you do.

Brent Huff is a former model and director of the documentary Chasing Beauty

Rik Reimert

Inspiration can be found everywhere, but Mole Empire has the stuff you can’t find anywhere else. I love to visit the site to get new ideas, discover new artists or just cheer up a boring moment. After being featured as an artist, I’ve got a big boost on my website and some great reactions. I can recommend every artist to fill out the contact form and see what Mole Empire can do for you!

Rik Reimert is an illustrator specialized in celebrity portraiture made entirely analog, using only pens and Rotring Rapidographs.

Julie de Waroquier

Mole Empire is a wonderful place if you wish to discover or to re-discover talented artists. The article are well written and detailed, very professional. I am very thankful to see my own work presented among such amazing talents!

Julie de Waroquier is a surrealist photographer. Check out our interview with her.

Mole Empire continues to become an extensive platform for art, more testimonials will be published on this page.