I used to be a big Bigspy fan – staring for minutes what’s going on. I didn’t use it for some time, but now, I was unpleasantly surprised that not only Bigspy is gone but the whole Digg Labs.

The last time people were talking about Digg Labs and thus seen  online appears to be March 2010, as this Digg post points out:

Digg Labs

And most surprising of all for me is that there are almost no references to it. Was it so unused that Digg decided to shut it down? There is no official post announcing that Digg Labs would be discontinued.

Or did they just forget to configure the new servers after pointing them on version 4?

Digg Labs Down

Digg Labs Ping

I wonder if the design company who made the awesome visualizations is aware  that what remains of Digg labs are some screenshots, articles and videos. Or was the entire Digg labs a PR project only? No plans for growing it  – like say Google labs ?

Digg Stamen

Here’s a video, for the record, to see how cool Digg labs used to be:

RIP Digg labs, quoting a disappointed Digg user on a forum (link)