No matter if you actually need something or you just want to get some really cheap thing for yourself, almost every person get at least a bit excited about Black Friday. The bad thing is that from all that excitement crazy stuff can happen. You probably already saw the craze from last years. From endless cues to fights and yelling, this is the perfect time to do them all.

We had Thanksgiving, we were good and kind and spent quality time with our family. But today is a different story.

Although we now have online shopping and we can get major discount before and after this Friday, it still remains an iconic celebration of small prices, great deals and major battles for the best products.

black friday

To keep track of all these horrifying incidents occurring during Black Friday, there is now a website counting deaths and injuries. There isn’t yet an update for 2015, but if will probably get there soon.

We recently found a few videos which happened during this shopping spree.

The worldstar fight

Well these two guys seem like they would have fought no matter what, I think they just needed a slight reason to do it. The aggressive nature in some of us is really pronounced and makes us do crazy things. Well, these two found each other at Black Friday.

Stealing from children and fighting moms

Well this one scare me really bad. With a bad attitude on both ends, this video is actually frightening.

Your regular Walmart people riot

The riots which happened at Walmart during Black Friday scared a world after the death of Jdimytai Damour, a 34-year-old security worker in the retail giant. But people won’t stop, not even now. Take a look!

So have you done this Black Friday?