Horse Riding

Well, it certainly would not be hyperbole to say that there’s a lot more to horse riding boots than just horse riding. These boots not only protect your feet from injuries and wounds but also help add an element of style and elegance to your overall appearance. Moving on, it is extremely important to ensure that the pair of horse riding boots you choose to buy is good enough to go the distance.

Choosing the right boot

The riding boot has to be a functional shoe that can be worn while horse riding and carrying out work in the barn. is a functional shoe for performing barn work and riding horses. High-quality riding boots are rugged and do not require much maintenance. As soon as you step into the market, you will find a lot of vendors selling poor quality riding boots. Also, ladies leather country boots can also be found with ease.

Eventually, all of it boils down to personal preference. Some riders choose wide country boots while others choose extra wide country boots. While buying a pair of riding boots, make sure that you are buying it from a reliable vendor. If you are planning to buy used riding boots, then buy boots from a country boots sale.

Basic Design

The basic design of riding boots happens to be pretty much the same. The type of boot you choose (English style or Western style) doesn’t really matter. A good riding boot needs to be thick and sturdy. Traditionalists prefer leather boots above everything else because they are tough, long-lasting and look great. The leather used for manufacturing horse riding boots has to be soft. Calf leather is used frequently to manufacture horse riding boots because it happens to be soft and has a smooth texture. Furthermore, riding boots should feel soft but should not crumple if you’ve bought a brand new pair.

Also, the leather should be tough enough to protect your feet and legs from scratches and bruises. Lastly, the sole of your boot needs to be stitched and not glued. Lastly, the heel should measure somewhere between half-an-inch to a couple of inches taller than the sole.

Safety comes first

Safety happens to be the most important factor. The riding boots you choose should be tough enough to provide ample protection to your feet. Also, it is always a good idea to not go for a wider boot as it might get stuck in the stirrup.

Convenience also matters

Many of the riders go for boots having zippered closures because it is easier to wear and take off these boots. Children go Jodhpurs because these are cheaper and can be bought after every couple of years (when feet start growing).

Size and fit

The size and fit hold a lot of importance. No matter how well-designed and sturdy the boot is, it is of no use if the size is not right. Do not go for a large boot as it might be loose. Going for tight boots isn’t an option either. Children can go for boots that are slightly bigger in size as their feet are bound to grow in the years to come.

So, that’s all you need to know about horse riding boots. In all fairness, horse riding boots are not purchased every now and then. These boots happen to be a long-term investment and will stay with you for years to come.