Music Playlist

Adulthood warrants a transition from messy pub crawls to sit-down dinners. And who doesn’t want to have meaningful conversations with delicious food instead of shouting over loud music and downing overpriced drinks?

Are you planning your first dinner party? There is so much to look forward to and a lot to be done, including food, guest list, table setting, and entertainment.

Music is an essential aspect of dinner party entertainment. While you can put up a hilarious comedy act for your guests, it’s much more convenient to curate an exclusive playlist to get everyone in lively spirits.

If you don’t have the first clue about putting together a playlist, consider us your dinner party entertainment guide. Let’s get this show on the road!

Pre-dinner tunes

No matter how diligently you plan, the hours before the party will be borderline chaotic. A batch of appetizers will burn, something will break, someone will cancel last minute, it’s all part of the experience.

But you need to push through it all and be ready to party. And what better way than playing spirited tunes?

Play Pinball Wizard by The Who or literally anything by The Smiths will get you hustling through all the prep.

If you’re looking for tunes to calm your nerves, play Strawberry Swing by Coldplay, Someone Like You by Adele and Watermark by Enya.

Non-lobby lobby music

When everything’s in place and you’re just waiting for the guests to arrive, you need a buffer playlist. Think of it as lobby or elevator music, just not as boring.

Our top picks include Barefoot in the Park by James Blake ft Rosalía, Little of Your Love by HAIM, Patience by Guns’ n’ Roses, Give a Little by Maggie Rogers, Aaja by Swet Shop Boys, No. 1 Party Anthem by Arctic Monkeys and of course a bit of Taylor Swift hurt nobody.

Mingling melodies

Once the guests start arriving, you need music that will keep the conversation flowing and vibes popping. It should neither be overpowering nor dull, rather a perfect in-between. You want your guests to feel comfortable and initiate conversations with each other. Prepare a playlist with tracks that pair well canapés, cocktails, and conversations.

Our top favorites include Dream by Tessa Violet, Daylight by Taylor Swift, Crowded Room by Selena Gomez ft 6LACK, Surrender by WALK THE MOON, Let’s Fall In Love for The Night by Finneas and Perfect Places by Lorde.

Dinner-time songs

When the guests sit down for dinner, music serves as the perfect filler for awkward pauses. After all, no one wants to eat in silence with chewing and slurping noises. The music should continue to keep the guests engaged without taking the limelight away from the delicious meal you slaved over.

These are the perfect tracks for dinner time, Cool Anymore by Jordan Davis ft. Julia Michaels, Wicked Games by Chris Issac, Wings by Birdie, Perfect To Me by Anne-Marie, Boo’d Up by Ella Mai, Wildflowers by Elle Fanning, On & On by Erykah Badu, Girl Crush by Little Big Town and Cecelia by Simon & Garfunkel.

A mini dance party, perhaps?

For those who went to clubs solely for dancing their hearts out, you can easily have a mini dance party after having dinner.

Go with September by Earth, Wind & Fire, Talk Too Much by Coin, Feet It Still by Portugal. The Man, Uh Huh by Julia Michaels, Bennie & The Jets by Elton John, Hey Ya! by OutKast, Dancing Queen by ABBA, Come on Eileen by Dexy’s Midnight Runners and whatever new bop The Chainsmokers has released.

The wind-down hour

Conclude the night with desserts or a warm cup of tea and these songs- Meet Me In The Middle by Jessie Ware, Pure Shore by All Saints, Delicate by Damien Rice and Could You Be The One by Stereophonics.

There is no feeling like discovering new music to obsess over. Hopefully, you discovered some artists that find a place in your dinner party playlist!