Exhibition: Aleksandar Basic – The Origin of the World at Paul McPherson Gallery

Inspired by the controversial painting of Gustave Courbet titled “The Origin of the World”, UK based visual artist Aleksandar Basic creates a modern version of the 1866 painting in a series of mix-media drawings which will be exhibited in London at the Paul McPherson gallery this October. Experimenting with unconventional materials like human hair, spray paint and inspired…

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The Londoner and the Interview: Neo-Cubism and Spectatorship in Modern London

The wind blew down on a harsh ground on a summer’s day as a form appeared in a figurative landscape, constantly scouring for inspiration. This intrepid explorer could make Bear Grylls look like an agoraphobic curtain-straightener and make a tumble-drier salesman’s head spin even more. He trundled over a fractured environment where light and colour…

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