Besides the value of truth contained by these animations, it is interesting to observe how their simplicity does not bore you. Levni Yilmaz’s animations do not have CGI ( Computer-generated imagery), things flying at you or 3D effects. They are simple, but not simplistic. He just uses lines, a pleasant voice and witty remarks to keep you in front of the screen for about 3 minutes without feeling the need to stop watching it. Don’t believe me? Have a look :

Times I tried to be a hipster.


Observations about sex.

How to be a man.



How to break up.


Do you want me to take my shoes off?

Observations about relationships.

Arrogance and confidence.

My favorite artistic advice.

People I’ve seen on public transport.

I don’t know what I want.

How the hell should I dress?

Featured photo from Tales Of Mere Existence’s Facebook page