Social Media

We all know what social media is and how it influences everyone’s lives. There are those that are constantly glued to their phones from dawn till dusk, chatting, commenting and liking everything they see. Even those people who don’t use their phones as much as that, are always checking for new posts or comments.

With so many different platforms out there, how can you make sure you are getting the most out of each one?

Don’t overdo it

Your friends and family may like to see you on your Facebook or Twitter feed, but posting too much about events or opinions that are not interesting can have the opposite effect. There is no magic number of posts you should do per day, but try to limit yourself to only those posts that have a purpose.

If you try to post too much on your feeds, you might end up with people unfollowing you or muting your posts from their feed. It could mean they miss important things from you when they arise.

Pick Friends Carefully

While most of the people you will be friends with are those you know outside of social media, there are those friends of friends that can ask to be your friend just because you know someone else.

There are also those accounts that will try to gain as many friends as possible, even from people they don’t know. Although it may be flattering to get a lot of friend requests, you will then start to get a lot of spam on your feed that will stop you from seeing your important news.

Be Genuine

You may have accumulated a lot of friends because of your funny posts or because you share interesting content. It is important to remember who you are and not to try and be all things to all people.

You may see that someone who is always controversial, gets more followers than you, but that doesn’t mean you should try that yourself. Your existing followers might leave because that’s not what they like about you.

Take Pride in Your Profile

You want to have a profile that says who you are and what you like. You might like the abstract profile pictures of the celebrities, but everyone already knows who they are. For you, it is important to tell people what they will get from following you.

Your header is the window to your profile; you want it to be fun and friendly, but also informative. There are applications such as Adobe Spark that can produce template Twitter headers and other platforms that you can then adapt.

You also want to add other relevant links if they are allowed. Add your blog site if you have one, and links to your other social media accounts.

By concentrating your efforts and taking pride in your profiles, you will soon gain a following from people outside your immediate friends. Just be selective and choose friends that have similar interests to you, then you will make a good connection.