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5 Essential Albums for Boosting Up Your Indie Cred in College

So you wanna start college on the right foot by getting that sweet indie cred? You know it’s indispensable nowadays but kinda hard to acquire if you’re a bit clueless on the topic, right? Say no more, just like homeworkneeded.com helps you with your boring assignments, this short list will help you with some essential…

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8 Countries Your Colleague Rhonda Will Visit During Her Next 8 Holidays

During a lunch break, with a cup of coffee in your hand, you agreed with all the work colleagues present that work indeed does suck. It drains the energy and life from you and no one really saw any argument for its existence. And then Rhonda mentioned the only reason she works so hard is…

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English Title Contenders and Their Transfers So Far

The Premier League has established itself as the richest football league in the world, but in the fight for European supremacy it still has a lot to do, even with the ridiculous transfer money that is being spent. Starting last season (2016-2017) it was generally agreed that the EPL has captured some of the best managers…

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The Oscars Announcement Blunder, Was It Premeditated?

Although most of us know that the Oscars are by no means an indicator of how good movies are, but a major PR event of Hollywood, we can’t help watching the spectacle that the industry feeds us. It has never been a secret that the Oscars promote movies that have the heftiest budgets, but that is…

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The Death of the IMDb Discussion Boards: Where to Now?

On the 20th of February IMDb has shut down their entire discussion boards, including the private messaging system, motivating that they have been taken over by trolls and have become a liability in terms of their credibility. The impact this has on the average cinephile is far beyond what IMDb assumed it would be and it…

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From Poker to Hearthstone – Is There Really Any Difference?

Hearthstone has been blamed more and more by its large fan base of becoming increasingly RNG-based and not rewarding skilled players, with wins relying almost solely on drawing the right card at the right time or having the random events go in your favor. Seeing an ex-professional poker player such as the German self-proclaimed ‘Lifecoach’…

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7 Facts That Prove Hillary Clinton is Actually a Robot

As the presidential election date approaches, both candidates have been over-analysed, with numerous pros and cons for both of them, but one supposition regarding Hillary is more unconventional than anything else. Could she actually not be a real human being? Her behavior in public apparitions sometimes might suggest this and here are 7 reasons why: 1….

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10 Artists Who Are Now Officially ‘Dad Music’

Do you find it difficult to adapt to the music of the Generation Z and feel that the old times were better? Do you despise all of the artists that are popular nowadays and think you know better? Well then you might find out that the music you like has already been qualified as ‘dad music’….

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Vote Responsibly! Established European Politician Blames Jews For Everything

Gheorghe Funar, 67, used to be Cluj-Napoca’s mayor for 12 years, a member of the Romanian parliament for 4 years and one of the most well known political figures of his country. In an interview for the Romanian publication ‘Adevarul’ he unexpectedly embarked on an anti-semitic rant that raises major concerns about his mental health….

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Pictures Proving That Life Is at Its Most Authentic in Cuba

Most of the times curiosities come from places with a struggling history. And this is also the case for Cuba, one of the last countries of the world to hold the dusty emblem of communism. Situated in Central America, between Jamaica and the Bahamas Islands, this poor but colorful country has always had some of…

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The Biggest Cigar in the World

Cuban cigars have been used as bribery or gifts for someone higher than you in the hierarchy for decades now.  At least in corrupt countries, which encompass 80% of the world’s surface. The 20% is, of course, the uninhabited area of our planet. But why would someone build a cigar that’s so big and no one…

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What is a Fonhandle, the World’s Latest Brilliant Invention?

The old French courtesans and most of their contemporaries didn’t have the best hygiene. They didn’t even have toilets in their castles and most of the people probably had lice, but since we’re talking about France here, everyone was still chic. And if one wants to be chic, even the most mundane activities must be…

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