Artist Interview: Devin Sutanujaya About What Inspires an Artist

Today’s artist is a painter and illustrator based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Devin Sutanujaya’s full portfolio can be found here. Meanwhile we had the chance to talk with him a bit about his art and what inspires him as a painter. How did you choose this specific art? I come from a commercial design background and…

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Lit Up Bodysapes Turned Into Amazing Photography

In life usually there are two approaches. In the first one you spent a lot of time, you make efforts to understand and have an aching desire to find your calling and for some it work for some it does not. The second approach is how I like to call it the “lucky strike”. Meaning…

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Beauty Captured in Mixed Media Portraits by Zaki Alatas

Zaki Alatas is a freelance graphic designer based in Australia. His work is a mixture of photo manipulation and digital painting, in which he captures beauty in a dark and bright manner at the same time. Most of his artworks are centered around female portraits. Some of his works are trilogies inspired by a specific…

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The Atlas of Beauty – An Unique Project Capturing Female Portraits From All Over the World

Mihaela Noroc, a Romanian photographer who quit her job and traveled in 37 countries around the globe, documented hundreds of women in their cultural settings and gathered the photos in a powerful and authentic project titled The Atlas of Beauty. This series aims at showing the diversity of our world, as captures through female portraits,…

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Marina Loram’s Timeless Feminine Photography [Interview]

Timeless feminine photography, with natural lighting, and a vintage vibe all completed by a romantic influences, that’s how the young promising freelance photographer, Marina Loram describes her works. In a world where visual artists try nonstop to change the norms by shocking and disturbing scenarios, good old classic photography is hard to find. That’s why…

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