Ramakant Sharda is a passionate about photography based in Jaipur, India. Although photography is just a hobby, he likes to experiment with various techniques, with a keen interest for macro photography and water drop photography. He submitted to us some of his series and described how he played with colors, soap and water drops. It’s amazing how such simple projects can result in some pretty amazing effects.

Dancing Colors

For this series, the photographer put a stretched rubber sheet on a speaker and some water color on that sheet. When the sound was played in the speaker, colors jumped because of the vibration on the sheet and the artist captured it.
Dancing Colors Ramakant Sharda

Dance of Colors

This time, the photographer used dry colored powder instead of water colors.
Dance of Colors Ramakant Sharda


In these images, pictures were placed behind the water drop and the reflection (refraction) of pictures was captured in the water drop. This reminds us of how our logo was captured in the Mole Empire imagined by others series.

Refraction Ramakant Sharda

Soap Bubbles

Some close up of soap bubbles resemble images of planets in outer space.
Bubbles Ramakant Sharda


Finally, some awesome shots of blasting balloons.
Balloon Ramakant Sharda
Photos are courtesy of Ramakant Sharda

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