Well, we all know that Christmas is a time of giving and we all should be better and give more. But brands know this also, they know how emotional people could get and they try to take advantage of this. It’s not all bad, of course.
But during this time we have to be brave and keep a clear mind because, oh boy you’ll want to spend all your cash on gifts and unnecessary decorations and cute cards.

christmas card

Your budget might not feel as emotional right now, but in January when you draw the line and have to pay the bills, it’s gonna cry then!

Let’s watch together a few of the new advertisements with a powerful “Awww!” effect.

We’ll start with the most loved, most watched, most heart melting: #manonthemoon. Powered by John Lewis, a U.K retailer with tons of potential Christmas gifts. It has children, it has a lonely old man, it had kindness and innocence, it has the Christmas spirit. Watch your tears now!

But let’s be real, after last year’s #MontyThePenguin we can expect anything. I simply loved that commercial, it’s by far one of my favorites. If by any chance you’ve missed it, please watch it now!

Now moving to a brand that has a reputation for creating good Christmas ads: Coca Cola. This year they tried to break the barriers and destroy a few myths, let’s say. Showing us that an open heart, love and acceptance bring you joy, not misfortune. Now try to look at this without thinking about the exact opposite and how bad each situation could have gone.

Following this connection between children who hope and see kindness in everyone, we have another commercial with a grumpy old man and a couple of children believing in the Christmas spirit. Showing that what you give is what you get and that expecting the best out of people won’t disappoint you. Although it’s quite arguable, it’s a great ad.

Following on a different path of emotions, Duracell brings up the Christmas joy and mixes it with the hot news of Star Wars. Not necessarily one of their best commercials, but I think it speaks directly to the target: parents.

That’s it for know, but with more than a month until Christmas, we have much to expect for!