Skydance Animation has released its first feature-length film, “Luck,” under the leadership of John Lasseter. He is the head of animation for Skydance Animation, coming from Pixar. In his past role, he worked on big-name films and helped to influence the visual style of many of the company’s animated stories. Now, Skydance is creating movies with a similar visual style, which is sure to thrill moviegoers seeking that same look and feel in their animated adventures.

What is the plot of “Luck”?

Luck” revolves around Sam, who is a lonely orphan who has turned 18 and aged out of the system without ever finding a family of her own. It seems like Sam has bad luck no matter where she goes. Things break, she gets delayed, and there are a lot of misadventures she’s facing. When she offers part of her food to a cat, she finds out that he’s a magical cat named Bob, who came from a mysterious place called the Land of Luck.

He accidentally left his lucky penny behind, and Sam lost it. Now, the two have to work together to find another one, so they can turn around both their fortunes. Sam also wants a lucky penny for Hazel, another orphan she sees as a little sister and is trying to take good care of. Sam wants Hazel to find a family and have better luck than she’s had in the past. The Land of Luck isn’t prepared for someone like Sam, who throws everything off in ways that are frequently hilarious.

John Lasseter and his team dedicated themselves to a project where luck is the premise and where the Land of Luck showcases that there are two sides to everything. One side is the good luck side, where everything goes right. The other side is just the opposite, and everything goes wrong. But Sam’s arrival throws everything off, and that means there’s an opportunity for those who live in the land to learn how to handle something they aren’t used to.

Who was cast in “Luck”?

Sam is played by Eva Noblezada, and Bob is played by Simon Pegg. “Luck” had its debut on August 5, 2022. Jane Fonda was also in the movie as the voice of the dragon who is the CEO of the Land of Luck. Director Peggy Holmes, Lasseter, and the Skydance Animation team made “Luck” over Zoom, which was a challenging way to produce a feature-length movie.

There were big effects from the lockdown

Conveying ideas and emotions isn’t always easy over online formats such as Zoom. Ideas would be explained, and Lasseter and his team were responsible for showing what those ideas would look like. Sketching things out and holding them up for the camera became commonplace. However “Luck” prevailed and made its way to Apple TV+, where it’s streaming for everyone’s convenience.

Luck,” tells a relatable story

Movie reviews of “Luck” talk about three areas: the funny lines, the adventures of Sam, Bob, and other characters, and the quality visual effects children and adults can both enjoy. This movie is an excellent way to entertain children of all ages and their families as they all watch to see if Sam’s luck will change, how Bob’s situation turns out, and what happens to Hazel. Sometimes, even bad luck can turn out good under the right circumstances, and that’s an important lesson for Sam and everyone else.

The best-animated movies are usually designed around real-life issues and a magical idea or element, and “Luck” is no different. As an orphan who never had a family and aged out of the system, Sam feels like her bad luck is just a part of her. But she wants the people she cares about, such as Hazel, to have a better experience and better luck. This quality movie has excellent animation and a storyline that tugs at the heartstrings in all kinds of ways.

In the end, it’s easy to get invested in Sam, Bob, and Hazel, hoping that they all have the good luck and success they’re searching for. Rooting for them and cheering them on comes naturally when watching their adventures and Sam’s commitment to helping her young friend have good luck instead of bad.

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