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New Album Release: The 69 Eyes – Universal Monsters (out 4.22.16)

The so-called Helsinki Vampires – The 69 Eyes – are back. They just released their 11th studio album, “UNIVERSAL MONSTERS”. The album is out worldwide via Nuclear Blast Records. As the album title refers, the band is portrayed in monster movie lightning. The vocalist Jyrki Linninkivi says: “The covers are planned and designed like old-school…

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Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic TV Series to Watch

We are talking about the apocalypse more and more every day. Still we rarely refer to the actual biblical scenario. A zombie outbreak, an alien invasion or a deadly virus are the first things that pop in our mind. Most of the following TV Series fall under this category, and the script is basically the…

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Journey at MTV Movie Awards

The MTV Movie Awards is an annual award show presented┬áby MTV ┬áto honor outstanding achievements in films. The Winners of the awards are decided online by the general public. Nothing seems to stop Leonardo Dicaprio, who won the Oscar for the best actor in 2016. His most popular role was Jack Dawson in the fantastic…

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Five Online Editors to Turn your Photos into Art

Are you looking for tools to help you edit your images online? You came to the right place. As we all know, Adobe Photoshop is the leader of the market, but you have to spend money in order to use it. That’s why we recommend the following online solutions. You can use most of them…

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