Interview Questions for a Google AdWords Consultant

Conversion rates for ad clickers are two times that of organic link viewers. That’s a little unexpected. It seems to reason that if 600 million cellphones are using ad blockers, the effectiveness of advertising will decrease. Google Ads generates around $40,3 billion a year in search advertising income. The advertising budgets of major corporations would…

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Benefits of Google Shopping Ads

Many people are familiar with Google Ads and the text boxes that come up when they are conducting their regular browsing activities. However, particular Google Shopping ads come up when shoppers search Google for specific items. These are known as Product Listing ads and come with their own advantages. Read about them in detail below….

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Viral Video of the Day: Google X Lab, the Animated Version

The Google X facility – Google’s secret research lab where highly innovative technologies are being developed, as the New York Times reports, has been brilliantly imagined in an animated version by Situated in an undisclosed location, hidden in the Bay Area, with its very existence under the sign of heavy speculations, the facility secretly…

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Is Google+ the New Facebook?

Google is giving a new try to be more social on the Internet, but can they really defeat facebook? Will the new google+ be the new facebook and even more important, will the facebook be the myspace of tomorrow (death and everything)? I will try to find out some answers to the previous question by¬†analyzing…

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Trend Up! Try New Android Apps

Hi everybody! This is Yke and starting from today, every week, I will recommend you a cool new Android app. So grab your Android power devices and let’s get droid-ing! Androidify This days is really cool to have a nice-funny avatar, but making one can be a little bit of a downer. But don’t despair…

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