Steps to Feeling Better Inside Your Own Skin

Here’s something that I believed for a really long time: it’s possible to eat whatever you want, do whatever you want and as long as you wear the right clothes and makeup nobody will be able to tell when you feel sluggish or gross. In other words, I firmly believed that I really could fake…

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DIY Skin Treatments for the Weekend

I usually associate DIY tips with fun recycling because most of the articles teach you easy and smart ways to use things you already have in house. It usually is a creative way to spent time and you can even develop new skills. DIY can certainly be a fulfilling activity. This DIY projects are dedicated…

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7 Useful SOS Beauty Tips

Whatever the reasons, temperature, age or genetics, we all have our little beauty problems at some point. Skin, hair, nails and other beauty assets may have a loss of power, and when this happens they should be pampered and taken care of in order to be maintained. Here are few tips for the most common…

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