Say Good Bye to Autumn with Songs About November

Now that the autumn is nearly over and winter is kicking in with its cold weather and snowy landscapes, people tend to feel funny. You either cold or getting a cold. November is a whole bunch of mixed feelings and songs about it are the living proof. Music is also one of the best ways…

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15 Mellow Songs You Can Fall Asleep To

I’m one of those people who can’t stand the sound of silence. Not even when I’m trying to fall asleep. Because silence, in an apartment building, usually means neighbors deciding to learn how to tap dance at 3 a.m., alarm cars going off in the middle of the night for no apparent reason or ambulances…

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Best 9 Songs About Big Bottoms

Although the modern perception of beauty standards seems constructed around a pedophile’s desires, with anorexic models resembling girls who haven’t even menstruated yet, there is a niche that will never die. And that is the niche of big derriere lovers. Like any thing of such social value, it has an impact in music, great artists…

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15 Brilliant Songs About Autumn

My favorite season is upon us. This is when the skies are grey, the days get shorter, the weather is cooler, sleeping gets more satisfying than ever. And besides the sound of rain pouring down your window, there are some other sounds that you may find appealing. This wonderful season influenced songwriters to write some…

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Top 10 Classic Songs About Money

Many modern popular artists have helped construct greed into the opposite from that of being perceived a flaw, making it stand as high as an indispensable parameter on the way to success. Well thank you, Travis McCoy and thank you, 2nd hand rappers, but this article isn’t about you. If we look a bit in…

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Pomplamoose: How To Cover Famous Songs and Sell Them to the World

American duo Pomplamoose, consisting of multi-instrumentalists Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn became famous in 2009 on the Internet, mostly due to videos posted on Youtube. After two years, they’re already touring, selling songs and merchandise on the Internet, and also developed their own separate projects too. “precious self aware twee irony hugs joke beard BIG…

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