I simply love Instagram. No fluff, no unneeded information. You can build your stream to match your style and taste. Don’t feel obliged to follow your friends and acquaintances, find people who inspire you and create a visual stream that will energies you.  Here are some accounts I’ve discovered and really like. They are all artists, specializing in different fields and techniques. Their Instagram account is amazing, filled with color and positivism.

Tania Samoshkina is an illustrator from Saint Petersburg, Russia I’ve originally discovered on Etsy. She creates cute, dreamy illustrations, perfect for a story book or a cartoon. I love her colors and the way she presents her art. It’s fun and entertaining.

samoshkina art

Steve Casino is one talented artist. Not only that he creates great figurines of celebrities and fictional characters but he does it using peanut shells.

Steve Casino

Phatcharaphan‘s Instagram account is inspiring both though her art but also through the images she uses to promote herself. Pale colors, coherent composition and angles, there is a red line you can easily follow.


Although Joanna Wira?ka is only 17 years old, her Instagram page has managed to gather more than 50,000 followers. She shares her artwork and passion for drawing and painting with the world and presents herself as a talented, self-thought artist.

Joanna Wira?ka

If you’re a graffiti fan, you cannot miss Lelin Alves. Based in São Paulo, Brasil his art is colorful and filled with meaning.


From Ukraine I’ve found mr_aryz, a mural painter who painted his mark on the urban landscape.


For daily inspiration on modern design and architecture, take a look an Moco Loco Instagram profile. Filled with daring graphics, furniture, appliances and more, it is a source of great discoveries.


At miillustrations you’ll find adorable illustrations, your “Aww” moments are one click away.


Think Space Gallery from Culver City, CA has a beautiful Instagram profile, featuring it’s latest exhibitions and artists.


On Alexa Meade‘s profile you’ll find real people and 3D spaced painted to appear like 2D illusions.


So, where do you find your inspiration?