ABC Has A New Line-Up And It’s Full Of Surprises

We are in the middle of up-fronts, and ABC has no more than 10 new TV shows to proudly present us. And this time we have footage for every single one. However, we can’t help but notice the country flavor a couple of shows have. After we’ve said our final goodbyes to Desperate Housewives, or…

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TV Shows That Will Blow Your Mind Starting This Fall

When I found out that some of my favorite new TV shows got canceled eariler this week, I got a little angry.¬† I mean, they keep on going with Two and a Half Men without Charlie Sheen, but they turn their back on shows like Mad Love, Mr. Sunshine, Lie to me and $#*! My…

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ABC New TV Shows: Once Upon A Time And Charlie’s Angels [Trailers]

People out there looking for new shows that will keep you tied to your chair, buckle your seat belts because ABC just announced¬† that they will be picking up two brand new shows for this fall: Charlie’s Angels, a remake of the legendary 1970’s series, and Once upon a time, a modern fairytale from two…

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