How to Relieve Anxiety and Academic Stress Using Music

The expectations placed on students to perform well or meet set targets can be too much, leading to anxiety. Anxiety is not good for a student since they will not be in the right state of mind to take on their academic work. Additionally, the pressure may also emanate from their peers. It is another…

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How to Make Sure You Don’t Get Bogged Down in the Daily Commute

According to research, we Brits spend over 8,000 hours commuting during our lifetimes. That’s a lot of time – a lot of wasted, stressful time. From being stuck in a queue of traffic to finding your train’s been canceled, there are so many aspects of the daily commute that aren’t pleasant and are downright stressful….

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How To Survive a Hectic Day At the Office

Your phone is ringing off the hook, your inbox is so full it’s almost shouting at you, you’re scared you’re going to miss your deadlines and, by lunchtime, you are functioning mostly on caffeine. No wonder so many of us get home exhausted, stressed out and so tired that we think a temporary coma would…

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7 Ways To Have An (Un)Productive Day

Some people say they work well under pressure. Some people work very well under pressure. Truth be told, people actually work under stressful conditions. So why not take advantage of it? If stress is the new productive, why not have a productive day every day? Here’s 7 easy steps on how to do that: 1….

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