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If she wasn't a catfish, she'd probably be a hyperactive bookworm; but she's an energetic person interested in what is and what isn't a good read, a worthwhile piece of art or an out of the ordinary movie. Whether a subject is underwater, underground, above ground or up on cloud nine she'll find it and write it.

The Inside Museum of Musical Instruments

Things in Guiness Book of Records are getting bigger and bigger and with so many gigantic things, our world is getting smaller and smaller. So we try to compensate by making enormous musical instruments. However, besides breaking a world record, is there any point to it? Fame and glory set aside, why are we doing…

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TV Shows You Could Watch This Halloween

Get the Halloween spirit into your heart with a few sitcoms that are very appropriate for a Halloween night! Some were designed to be freaky, others freak you out just for Halloween.  Pick your favorite and start the marathon. Grimm Grimm is a new show that tells the story of the descendants of the Grimm…

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Mythological Creatures You Could Impersonate this Halloween

Each year, the Halloween costume frenzy reaches new peaks of creativity and of course despair for those who have no idea what they should dress up as or with. If you’re tired of the pumpkin, vampire and zombie costumes here are some ideas you can use this year. Satyr It might sound kind of corny…

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The Halloween Menu in Literature: Edgar Allan Poe’s Black Cat

To continue the series of Halloween mood stories, here’s one of the creepy classics. The father  of the macabre couldn’t have been but the main course this Halloween. This story teaches you never to cross your cat, unless you are willing to suffer the consequences. Photo from arteyfotografia One of his greatest stories that has been…

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The Halloween Menu in Literature: Kurt Vonnegut’s Hall of Mirrors

How about a series of short stories that would get you in a Halloween mood? As an appetizer, this first one is a science fiction story by Kurt Vonnegut and it will certainly raise some doubts in you. Mr. Weems, an old and humble man, had hypnotizing skills in deceiving others;  women went missing and…

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Futurama – The Endless Source of Witty Subtitles

Futurama tells the story of a dim witted Fry, a delivery boy from the year 2000 who due to his obvious smarts manages to get himself frozen for 1000 years. When defrosted, he meets Bender, a reckless alcoholic robot and a strong one eyed woman, Leela. They all work for a mad and senile professor who…

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Tips for Less Stress Before Giving a Speech

Nervousness takes the stage when you’re actually on a stage, holding a speech? Or supposed to be holding a speech and you’re just frozen there? Talking in front of an audience may sound frightening at first but with a few easy steps, you too will feel more at ease when speaking in public. Talk to…

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Taking Art Outside the Gallery: Peter Callesen

Paper art, paper art, paper art. Origami, collages or decoupage? Which one is it this time? Peter Callesen set his heart on decoupage and origami in his artworks. What’s rather unusual is his indifference towards colors. His working material is the blank paper. By taking away all the information and starting from scratch using the…

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Travel-Friendly Furniture

Nowadays you can fit an entire room in a box. If you can pack a bedroom in one, apparently some people found a way to fit a kitchen, a study and a mini bedroom in 3 boxes. Others just made furniture with multiple usages. It’s the ideal way to travel around, hunting for better rent. If Casulo packs…

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Bukowski Who?

I don’t have any problem with people’s life choices. Whether you’re a CEO or the average Joe, personally I don’t care that much. But when someone comes and tries to sell you their sad and pathetic life put neatly between two covers and call the character Henry Chinaski, you might have a problem. And this…

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Songs You Should Listen to when You’re Stressed

There are those days when you simply want to pull out your hair just because you’re having an unproductive day or because you didn’t manage your time very well and you have many deadlines approaching. And you resort to certain inefficient stress-relievers (pacing up and down, smoking or just plain yelling). Yet you could try replacing…

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Organizing and Prioritizing Techniques

We allow many activities (i.e. daily Facebook) to take up a lot of our time, time that we usually complain about lacking. Truth be told, we don’t know how to deal with the time we have on your hands. Time management is all about prioritizing your tasks. Here you will find four methods to manage…

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