California-based photographer Nick Presniakov presents an all-time famous antagonist of peace and virtue, seen from a frolic perspective. The project, named “The Dark Holiday”, is, however, unlike most of his other work, having a humorous approach.

So here we have good old Vader in the train station, ready to say goodbye to all woes and worries of being a Supreme Commander. The much deserved and anticipated holiday has arrived!

Darth Vader takes train

Once settled on the beach, there’s nothing more pleasant than having the wind fluttering your cape near a colorful umbrella.

Darth Vader beach umbrella

What’s that? A bit of tidal analysis for a perfect mean of arriving towards the waves.

Darth Vader surf board

Darth Vader surf board

Engaging in mundane childish activities is a pleasure one should never refrain from, not even as a Dark Lord of the Sith.

Darth Vader like a boss

And finally, calling it a day in sweet placidity and the peacefulness of the hotel room, with a remote control at the helm.

Darth Vader hotel room

The solidness of this series of photographs seems to consist in its antithesis, merged with the ever-increasing popularity of the Dark Emperor from the Star Wars franchise. Having someone wear a Darth Vader costume on the beach, or in any sort of commonplace scenery, for that matter, is instantly causing a funny glitch in one’s senses. Actually, come to think about it, if I had a Vader costume, I’d be eager to show up unexpectedly in all sort of places too.

Photos by Nick Presniakov.