Most often when we buy something, we want a product different from all the others, we simply expect more from it. So why shouldn’t the same apply for coffee? After all, we’re always looking for more than just its taste, we want it to be more than just a cup of coffee. Fortunately, the baristas already thought about this and they started catering latte to our desires.

If they can’t always improve the coffee in itself, they can sure innovate its presentation and service. Coffee shops all over the world are now serving latte with a design, which seems to be an increasingly popular way to do it.

The shapes may vary from simple ones such as hearts or leaves and become as complex as faces. So if one of these cups would be served to me, I honestly don’t know if I’d have the heart to take one sip out of it. I still like the way milk blends with black tea so much that after I pour the milk, I take a few minutes just to watch the way the two harmonize.

Leaf Design on a Latte

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Evil Grim Design on a Latte

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Spiral Flowers Design on a Latte

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Flower Design on a Latte

Photo by Michael Allan Smith on Flickr.

Whether it’s to go or not, be it Starbucks or Kopi Luwak, we will appreciate and buy coffee because of a million reasons. But we’ll always expect it to be served in an unique way. So, if you find yourself in a coffee state of mind and happen to get your hands on one of these artistic lattes, don’t forget to send us a picture before you drink it.