If we were ants, this is probably what Heaven would look like. It might sound weird to picture yourself as a dead insect but think about it: no one to command you, no busting your chops gathering food, no worries. Food would be everywhere so all you’d have to do would be to focus on how to make your day more enjoyable. Here is one of the possibilities:

Wake up in the morning and put food to work.

Food landscape 2

Take a stroll through the woods, breathe in some fresh air.

Parsley Forest Food Landscape

In the middle of the day, cool down with a bath.

Cave Food Lanscape

Enjoy a delicious sunset.

Twilight Foodscape

Lie on your back in brezel grass, searching for your favorite star.

Foodscape at Night

And then finally fall asleep just so you can start out fresh in the morning.

Broccoli Trees Food Landscape

Photo credits: 35photo.

Tell me if this daily schedule doesn’t sound like a dream come true.