The last week of September is probably the moment when you realize good old summer is over. Even if once in a while you get to see over 25 degrees, it is time to accept it is done. Autumn is here. And we have to be prepared! After finding your tune for fighting with bad weather, here is a list of basic do’s that will keep you dry and warm.

Choose an Umbrella

Preferably one that can lighten up your spirits. It comes in different shapes, colors or sizes, to fit any purse or to be carried like an extravagant dandy would do. Maybe your umbrella will not be able to make you a warm tea in a cloudy day, but it can sing. Now, more than ever you will hear the sound of rain with this umbrella designed by Dong Min Park.


Created with 5 different materials, the surface of the umbrella will give a different note with every drop.

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Be Colorful in Rain Boots

For as little as 30 euro to designer creations of 2500, rubber rain boots are becoming a must have in a rainy autumn. The cloudy metropolis of the world will provide a show of color and elegance. From rebellious teenagers that personalize their boots to business women, this is a survival accessory.

Personally, I am not a fan of rubber and even if I love colors I believe that nothing beats high heels and some tasty leather shoes than rubber boots. And thanks God there are so many choices with different price ranges. No matter the case, a pair of boots is the little black dress of the future rainy season.


Photo by Madame Furie on Flickr.


Photo by John Morganon Flickr.

Ladies Be Stylish in Rain Jacket

I imagine all the girls out there saying rain jackets are ugly and impossible to wear. Truth is, surfing around I discovered some great designs that are not only looking amazing and comfortable, but also warm and dry.

Drink Tea and Coffee

Or as it matters, any other kind of sweet hot beverages that will keep you warm on the inside. For this kind of moments, my favorite is hot wine with cinnamon. Cuddling, reading or good old series go hand in hand with a home made hot drink. To be served with love.

Tips for a rainy day hot tea

Photo by Marco Arment on Flickr.