You know that the best joke are the one depicting the truth, the harsh truth that almost nobody dares to say on a serious voice. That’s why if you ever listened to comedians on stage, at the end you realize the real insight his lecture had. You laugh, of course you do. It is easier that way. It’s funny how we can look at our lives with such a positive attitude. Honestly, I think it’s healthy, I’d play such a show in classes, maybe we’d learn more if we looked on things with an open heart. Because a joke we can always hear, but for reproaches we’re never ready.

George Carlin

I gathered a few quotes, because without the voices and the act itself they reveal the true depth of words. Read them carefully and you’ll understand why sometimes comedians have valid comments when it comes to life.Chris Rock

Bill Burr

Funny, or not, you’ll decide. But here are a few of my favorite ones.

Jim Gaffigan

Rob Delaney

You can learn a lot of things from the most unexpected places and you can gain a new perspective if you take things lightly. They say it takes power to joke about something really serious, maybe they’re right or maybe people are just crazy. Who knows?

Because in the end there are only perceptions and the beauty is that we all see things differently. Moreover, if you look at life with an open heart you can discover new and exciting things.

So sit, relax and watch a good comedian toying and twisting words, laugh and have a great weekend!