Four Social Networks and Four Songs to Represent Them

Photo source: here. You probably all know by now the hundredth of Hitler parody videos out there, all adding funny subtitles to a (now) worldwide known scene from the 2004 movie ‘Der Untergang‘, making fun of everything, from events to the Harry Potter movies. Well, apparently it’s also fashionable to sing or, in some circumstances,…

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Love and Compassion Songs From a Demon

Those of you who thought a blasphemous, all-cursing composer such as recently deceased Seth Putnam (lead singer of An*l C*nt and Impaled Moonnorth Forest) had no soul can now drop your jaws in awe after listening to AC’s acoustic collection of love songs intitled “Picnic of Love”. What deep feeling of true love could have…

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Most Hated Singer Dies At 43

43-year old An*l C*nt founder Seth Putnam died of a heart attack last week. What a g*y f**kin’ c*nt! (By saying this it’s obvious that I listened to his music a lot). Yes, I used that highly elegant expression due to the fact that gratuitous insults using words such as “g*y” and “c*nt” were totally…

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Innovative Music: Acoustic Black Metal

The flames of hell have once again been cast upon humanity. But this time by soft and delicate spikeless hands. Altough many would think that an association between black metal and acoustic guitars is impossible, Seth Putnam has proved it wrong by creating one of the world’s most inspiring and groundbreaking musical projects. Known mostly…

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