A Fun Day In The Life of a Fluffy Cat

If you have a cat you surely have noticed a thing about it that makes you proudly acknowledge that it’s yours. Either rubber bands are chewed or it bounces of the walls, sometimes leaving paw prints, it just makes you want to smile and pick up the furry little thing in your arms. So this…

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4 Crazy Things Your Cat Might Do

Cats are incredibly smart, there’s no doubt about it. Sometimes maybe suspiciously smart. They surprise us with their choices and decisions because as we know, you can’t actually teach a cat things if your cat’s not on board with your teachings.┬áBut cats can make decisions on their own; for instance, they can choose their hobbies…

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Cute Paws: The Cat Scan

Scanning cats seems to be the latest trend in weird Internet photos. What does scanning cats mean? Well, have you ever put your face on a scanner just to see what it’ll look like? Instead of that, just make a kitty stand on it and you’ll get some cute puss paws in your scanned image….

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The Cats On Broadway Catch No Mice

I don’t know about you, but Broadway just lights up a little bulb on top of my head. I’ve always dreamed of seeing a live show, especially Cats, with the 1998 movie cast. Cats is an ageless musical. It’s said that a cat has nine lives. Well then, imagine how many these Cats have. Depending…

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5 Reasons Why Cats Are Amazingly Smart

Photo by Adam Raoof on Flickr. There are thousands of stories out there about cats and their intelligence. Some of them about their abilities, others about their deceitful and unfaithful character. Is the cat’s behavior amazing, after all? Do cats surprise you by their sneaky moves? We identified some obvious facts that clearly make cats…

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