Non-traditional wedding dresses that are perfect for a summer wedding

More and more of us are skipping the bridal shop and opting for more non-traditional dress designs, which many women probably feel much more comfortable in and don’t take up most of the budget! In fact, with fashion retailers such ASOS and Ted Baker getting in on the bridal action, you can find something alternative…

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Romantic and Elegant Wedding Celebration Ideas

For many people, their wedding day is one of the most important days of their life. You and your significant other get the opportunity to celebrate this important occasion with friends and family. A lot of time and effort goes into this special day. You want all of this time and effort to result in…

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Modern Wedding Card Trends

A wedding is a once in a lifetime experience and every couple would like to make it as colorful as possible so that the memories can be stronger and appealing. Starting from the wedding invitation cards, the wedding dresses and suits, the congregation and finally the venue they all must reflect awesomeness. Invitation cards however…

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Barbie and Ken Got Married. We have photos!

Barbie, the perfect plastic woman, married her knight in shining armor, also known as Ken. We wish them all the happiness in the world and a bunch of perfect plastic babies. Although pregnant Barbie looks kinda weird. Leaving all jokes aside, French photographer Beatrice de Guigne  recently staged an amazing photo shoot of Barbie and Ken’s wedding….

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Kate Moss Covers The September Issue of Vogue US

The September issue of Vogue US with supermodel Kate Moss wearing a gorgeous Alexander McQueen dress on the cover, is considered the issue of the year because it has to make a huge difference when it comes to Fall-Winter fashion and obviously it has to attract attention in order to set the trends. This number could…

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The Craziest Wedding Animator Ever: Ultra-Hyper Babushka

Average Eastern European weddings are definitely quite the exhibition for the untrained eye, but this particular one that happened in a Romanian village attracted even national media attention due to its  copiousness. Well she definitely has a solid catchphrase. But what do I make of this? A lesson in uninhibitedness? Insanity? I haven’t decided yet, but…

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