Meet The People Who Bring To Life The Most Amazing Creatures

Have you ever lost yourself in a fantasy game? Are you a big fan of visual effects and just love to see complex characters, discover new creatures and admire the endless possibility of digital artists? Well then, you’ll enjoy this article for sure. There are amazing communities around this surreal world where the unbelievable gets…

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Must-Try Affordable Online Art Shops

The best thing that came along with the Internet revolution is the unlimited access to all kind of resources. There are many among us that love art but don’t really want to spend a fortune on it. We all have peculiar tastes and back in the day decorating your house with paintings that absolutely fitted…

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Beauty Captured in Mixed Media Portraits by Zaki Alatas

Zaki Alatas is a freelance graphic designer based in Australia. His work is a mixture of photo manipulation and digital painting, in which he captures beauty in a dark and bright manner at the same time. Most of his artworks are centered around female portraits. Some of his works are trilogies inspired by a specific…

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David Delahunty Makes Something Cool Every Day [Interview]

Based in Dublin, Ireland, David Delahunty is a freelance graphic designer who has set on a journey to “Make something cool every day” for 365 consecutive days. From photography to posters of famous personalities like Steve Jobs, Marylin Monroe and Christian Bale or simple concepts, he works his creative muscle to make something new which…

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Nick Schmidt’s Grungy Illustrations

Nick Schmidt is a self-taught designer based in Dusseldorf, Germany. His recent works feature children posing in adult situations and displaying tattoos or aggressive expressions. He also has two awesome series one which revolves around the idea of censorship and the other one about analog vs digital electronics. After experimenting with Photoshop and Illustrator for…

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